Please read a brief history of Microsoft Office 365 before proceeding to the Log In instructions below:

  • Coláiste Mhuire was introduced Office 365 to our Staff from January 2019 & our Students from September 2019, so we had developed both ours & the students’ capacity to use this platform productively over the 6 months prior to the Covid-19 School Closure in March 2020.
  • Staff receive Continuous Professional Development (CPD) on Office 365 from a combination of the PDST (Professional Development Service for Teachers), external providers (like Wriggle & Tara 365 Learning) and internal support from the Digital Team through Croke Park hours & regular Teach Meets during lunchtimes.  .
  • Teacher’s are committed to a Blended Learning approach going forward.  This involves combining traditional classroom based Teaching, Learning & Assessment with the use of Office 365 features such as Teams, Class Notebook, OneDrive & Outlook, among others.
  • Students have unique Usernames & Passwords that allow them to access the suite of Microsoft Office 365 apps (above) as well as traditional software elements like Word, Excel & PowerPoint.
  • Sample Username= Explained = First Name, Surname, Dot, Coláiste Mhuire, Year they started school with us.
  • Passwords have a minimum of 8 characters. We recommend Students set-up their Mobile Phone number as a way to retrieve Forgotten Passwords via a PIN.  This can also be done with an Alternative Email that the Student can sign in to & Click on the Re-Set Link.

LOG IN to Office 365 by clicking on the Link Office 365 & following the 4 Steps below each Image:  Further Information Guide to Office 365 & Teams via .PDF here

STEP 1: CLICK on the Office 365 Link or SEARCH for “OFFICE 365 Log In Portal” on your preferred browser of your device eg Chrome, Edge, Safari etc CLICK “SIGN IN”

STEP 2: TYPE the unique USERNAME starting with FirstnameSurname.CMyear followed by

STEP 3: TYPE the Unique Password that you Created when you Logged In to Coláiste Mhuire’s network at School & recorded in your Journal or Phone.

STEP 4: SAVE Your Password in your Browser (1st) & STAY Signed In (2nd) as outlined in the images

As well as Accessing Office 365 via a Browser (as outlined above) we encourage our students to Download the appropriate Applications that they can access using the same Log In details above.  Such Apps are available through the device’s App store, such as Play Store (Android) or App Store (Apple), include:  TEAMS, OneDrive, Outlook, OneNote & LENS.

We urge all Parents / Guardians to be proactive in regard to your child / children’s ability to access Office 365 from a phone &/or laptop / tablet to make sure they are engaging with their teachers in the Blended Learning model we are embedding in Coláiste Mhuire Johnstown.

Teacher’s can & will flag students who are not engaging on Office 365, as they can monitor Engagement from their respective Teams & other features.  Year Heads will be informed and continue to monitor this regularly.  Parents/Guardians will be contacted in this regard if students don’t respond and improve accordingly, as was the case during the School Closure in Spring 2020.

Should there be any difficulties in this regard, we request that you have your student speak to their IT Teacher / Class Tutor / Year Head.  Should this not be possible (eg during another School Closure) then contact the School Office via Email to have the student’s Log In details Re-Set & sent back out by Text Message. Please include your child’s YEAR & Name in the Subject so that it gets Forwarded to the Correct Year Head eg 1st Year Jane Doe.

USEFUL LINKS to Video Tutorials:

Accessing Office 365 & Teams

Uploading Single Photo as Assignment on Teams

Scanning Multiple Pages on Phone using Office LENS & Uploading to Teams (Recommended)

INSTRUCTION MANUALS for Students, Parents/Guardians & Teachers:

Student Quick Start Guide to Office 365

Family Quick Start Guide to Office 365

Teacher Quick Start Guide to Office 365


Instructions for capturing Student Work using a Mobile Devie & the Office LENS app (availble in the Play / App Store).