Why Choose Coláiste Mhuire Johnstown?

Coláiste Mhuire is a growing school with an increaing enrolment and improving infrastructure. Our current enrolment is 600 students and we cater for students of all abilities with teachers committed to the pursuit of academic and vocational excellence for all who attend. Offering a wide range of subjects, students are supported in building on their strengths while develo-ing new skills and abilities. Coláiste Mhuire is also committed to the holistic development of each student. Recognising the unique and individual talents of all of our students, we provide a caring environment where students are encouraged to reach their full potential. In partnership with parents and the local community, Coláiste Mhuire strives to educate, support and prepare students for further education, adult life and the working world.

Applying to Coláiste Mhuire

Following primary school visits, fifth and sixth class students are invited into our annual open day in October. This is followed by our annual open evening where parents get to familiarise themselves with all that Coláiste Mhuire has to offer. Admission to Coláiste Mhuire is a two-stage process. Stage One is an Application form (see below) which students will be given on the primary school visits or can be collected on open night or from the school office. For stage two the school will send out an Enrolment form (see below) where further detail will be requested and will need to be dropped or posted back to the school prior to the deadline date which will be printed on the form.

Enrolment to Coláiste Mhuire is in line with our Admission Policy, ICT Acceptable Use Policy and Code of Behaviour which is available on our website www.colaistemhuirekk.ie

Primary to Post Primary Transfer programme offered by Coláiste Mhuire

Moving from primary to post primary can be a very anxious time for students. To assist students at this time Coláiste Mhuire run a series of events which helps the students become familiar with our schools setting and different subjects on offer. The programme also helps students make new friends prior to starting in first year. This programme involves:-

  • Primary School Visits
    In September staff members from Coláiste Mhuire visit the primary schools and make a presentation to 5th and 6th class primary students. This includes showing our promotional video and a question and answer session with the students.
  • Open day for 5th and 6th class students
    Following primary school visits 5th and 6th class students from all the primary schools are invited in for an open day. On this day the students get to sample all subjects that we have on offer and use the canteen facilities.
  • Open night
    On open night the school is open to all. Staff and students escort both parents and primary students around to all areas of the school where teachers demonstrate what is on offer in their subject department.
  • Entrance exam in February
    To assist us in assessing where students are at academically and to ensure that correct provisions are in place, we hold an entrance exam on a Saturday morning in February which takes approximately one hour. This also is the initial stage of tracking student’s progress throughout their time in Coláiste Mhuire.
  • Easter camp for incoming 1st
    As part of our involvement with the school completion programme we run a three day Easter camp for incoming 1st years. This involves sporting activities, art and craft, ICT, and bonding activities which help students to get to know one another and become familiar with the school environment.
  • Induction day in August
    First year students are brought in for a day on their own where they are put into their class group, given lockers books etc. They are also introduced to their class teacher and year head.
  • Sampling programme
    The students sample all the non-core subject for the first five weeks of term. During this period, they will gain insight on what subjects they have most aptitude towards and what subjects that they opt to continue with for their Junior Cycle. During this period, they will also be exposed to some guidance classes to help them in the decision-making process.
  • Bonding day in September
    To assist students, with the process of getting to know one another and make new friends they go on a bonding day to an external venue during the first part of September.

Students Wishing to Transfer to Coláiste Mhuire

Parents/guardians who wish their child to transfer from another second level school to Coláiste Mhuire must contact the school and meet with the Principal. Applicants should then fill out the Transfer Application Form (see below). Further information with regards to transferring can be found on our Admission Policy which is available on our website www.colaistemhuirekk.ie

Annual Admissions Notice CMJ 2021

Stage 1 Application Form for Admission to CMJ Accepted by the School Office between Thursday 1st October & Thursday 5th November 2020 @ 4.00pm.