Canteen Ordering 2021-2022

Following revised Healthy eating guidelines implemented by the ETB. The canteen will still offer a large variety of Healthy food, although we do have to make changes to portion sizes. This will not have any impact on the quality and standard of food produced.

A major benefit is that now each child will avail of free canteen vouchers.


  • Each child will receive: 3 free vouchers for Light Lunch (Small Break) and 3 free Vouchers for Lunchtime (Big Break) per week.
  • These vouchers are automatically added to your online canteen account.
  • They are unique to each child
  • They are non-Transferable, so cannot be swapped between sibling accounts.
  • They do not hold from week to week.
  • If they are not used each week, they become Null and Void.
  • The number of vouchers issued per week may vary throughout the school year.
  • The link to see a Step by Step guides on how to set up a canteen account and how to Add a new student to an existing account will be text.
  • Details on how to place an order will follow shortly.
  • Breakfast club is available to all students

Our ordering system will automatically update your account weekly with your new vouchers.

As there is only a set allocation of vouchers per meals, our advice would be placing orders early for the week as apposed to daily. If your voucher is not accepted, it just means that you must use it on an alternative day.

If orders have not been placed online, the canteen will still facilitate feeding your child, but they cannot put the item received off a voucher, this item will have to be paid for on the day or billed to your account, this may result in wasting your voucher.

We appreciate that this is a lot of information to take in so, if you have any questions, please contact Kelly on 086 8276926 or by email:

Click To download this movie that explains the ordering system.