The design was the backbone of our garden as it included flowers with textures and colours, which would remain in bloom throughout the school year. We have also included herbs which are both useful and decorative. Ms. Clarke managed the project and with the help of Ollie and his van brought the plants from the Garden Centre and sowed them promptly with the help of Mr. Marnell and the LCA classes. Mr. Marnell’s direction and advice on planting was invaluable to the various students who helped plant spring bulbs in the sensory garden and in various pots in our courtyard. We would like to thank everyone who helped us in any way. We are incredibly pleased with the results of our challenging work and are confident that our sensory garden will benefit the wellbeing of our students and staff for years to come. The creation and construction of our sensory garden was a combined effort by Ms Healy, Ms. Murphy, three students from 5th year LCA, John Phillips, Curtis Walsh and Charlie Brennan, we are thankful to our sponsors Joe Brennan of Brennan Fencing and Brendan Sherman of B&N Contracting. Also, a special mention to Mr Challoner for making the raised beds which took many hours, Mr Lacey and Mr Walsh that also helped. Finally, Ms Clarke deserves a big mention for the tremendous amount of effort and commitment during the completion of the project.