Aug 29th Update: Information for existing students as they return to school.

We are looking forward to the phased return of all our students next week. Please adhere to the following guidelines:

Bring at least three face masks everyday, face masks should be reusable & stored in a small plastic bag, with a spare plastic bag for used masks. These masks should be washed thoroughly each evening and be ready for the next day. Each student should also have a small packet of tissues for their own use.

If travelling by bus students need to wear a face mask before boarding the bus and leave it on when they arrive in school.

If travelling by car/bicycle/walking students should sanitise their hands at the entry point to the school and put on their face mask. Car drop use the set-down area on the exit driveway. Students arriving by car ,walking or cycling should only arrive in school between 8.40-8.50 so there is a minimum of free time before class starts.

Bring a labelled water bottle [filled; so it only needs to be refilled during the day]

All personal items must be labelled; school bag, school jacket, pencil case etc

The use of mobile phones by students on the school premises is banned [unless permission is given by teachers] If students choose to bring their phone to school it must now be stored in their school bag, at their own risk.

2nd/3rd yrs: Only need to bring the books they are timetabled for [on vsware] and one copy per subject for that day. Teachers may continue to use textbooks from last year for a few weeks. Teachers will tell students if they need to collect textbooks from last year over the coming weeks, students can return them then.

Please use the canteen online ordering system [see canteen posts for more detail]

Teachers will be available to welcome students from 8.30am and offer support and advice.

Update School Uniforms: Aug 18th 2020

Students are required to wear the full, correct school uniform to school. We only allow the official school jacket to be worn so have this ready for when the weather turns cold. Students must wear proper shoes.

We are phasing in a senior grey vee-neck jumper for TY & 5th year [ the detail and  rationale for this was explained in a letter sent out to parents last year.] If students in these years still have a blue jumper in good condition they can continue to wear it for the 2020 21 academic year.

All students 1st-5th must wear a white, long-sleeved school shirt/blouse.

PE classes: Students are not to bring PE gear for the first week of school. Students will be briefed by their PE teachers about the appropriate gear to bring for PE classes during the first week. The current plan is that students can wear appropriate PE gear instead of their uniform on the day that they have PE because changing rooms are not permitted to be used. This means that school uniforms will only have to be worn a max if 3.5 /4 days a week.

Appropriate PE gear [for boys & girls]

  • A loose-fitting, full length tracksuit bottoms [dark colour black or navy] see pictures below
  • A loose fitting t-shirt/jersey: with round neck or collar, short sleeves, the school PE green polo-shirt can be worn.
  • Runners with socks [runners only permitted on PE days]
  • A tracksuit top/hoodie [again only on PE days]
  • NOT PERMITTED: skin-tight track suit bottoms or leggings/ shorts or three-quarter length bottoms/ jeans
  • Above is the appropriate tracksuit bottoms for school, the key words are loose-fitting & full length.

We ask for students and parents to co-operate with these guidelines around appropriate gear for PE and ensure students only wear their PE clothes/runners on the day they have PE. Our students have worn our school uniform to a very high standard in recent years and it is a source of pride for our school, it is important not to abuse the “PE guideline” resulting in standards dropping.Year heads will carefully monitor this and any breaches will be dealt with through disciplinary procedures.

Best practice regarding uniforms:This will also shorten the number of days that the uniform has to be worn and, if students have PE mid-week, allow for their uniform to be laundered. It is advisable that uniforms be washed at 60C  daily if possible but where this is not feasible, it is good practice for students to change out of their uniform immediately when they go home and to have a change of shirt/blouse at least once a week.

Update Covid plan: Aug 17th 2020

  1. Do not come to school if you have any of the symptoms associated with Covid-19 or have been identified as a close contact of someone who has Covid-19. Phone your GP & follow their advice until cleared to return to school.
  2. If you have travelled abroad over the Summer please strictly adhere to HSE & government protocols found on advice.
  3. Students will be given detailed induction on all aspects of the Covid Response plan on their return to school. It will be vital that students commit to: practicing social distancing at break times; wearing face masks; practicing good hand hygiene & coughing/sneezing etiquette.
  4. Only bring essential items to school as you will be working from your school bag. Lockers will not be used.
  5. Have three face masks (washable/reusable) in a sealed plastic bag in your school bag. Bring a separate sealed bag for used face masks. Wash face masks thoroughly each night.
  6. Label all uniform items.
  7. Label your school bag, pencil case and other personal items, e.g. calculator etc.
  8. Have a labeled water bottle for your own use.
  9. On arrival in school sanitise hands at the dispensers placed at entry points.
  10. Toilets: Each year will be assigned specific toilets, these must be used at all times. There will be a limit on the number that can access toilets at one time [check sign on door] and students must queue outside  2m apart and wait their turn.
  11. PE: Students will not need PE gear for the first week. They will be told by their teacher what they need when they meet them.
  12. Canteen: We are in the process of setting up an online ordering system for our school canteen. [More detail to follow]
  13. Hurley: Students can being their hurley to school, they must have their name on it; store it in the assigned hurley bins; sanitise their hands before/after using; 1st/2nd/3rd years must use the all-weather pitches at break-times and for safety reasons ONLY TENNIS BALLS can be used by junior students. Senior students can use the pitch.