We are looking forward to meeting our First Years this Friday. Students will need to bring:

  • Three face masks [reusable] in a small plastic bag with a spare plastic bag for used masks. A small packet of tissues. These mask should be washed thoroughly each evening and be ready for the next day.
  • A school bag & pencil case [labelled with their name]
  • A labelled water battle [filled; so they only need to refill it during the day]
  • One copy

Students should wear their mask before they get on the bus.

If travelling by car/bicycle/walking students should sanitise their hands at the entry point to the school and put on their face mask.

Teachers will be available to welcome students from 8.30am and offer support and advice.

The Induction Day will include:

  • A welcome meeting  with the Principal, Dep Principal and Year Head.
  • A presentation about school  practices & procedures in relation to Covid-19 .
  • Students will be given their base class grouping, shown their base room and assigned seat.
  • Students will be given their student diary and take down their timetable.
  • At breaktime students will be guided about how to queue for the canteen, where  to eat, toilets etc.
  • All students will be given a presentation about our “sampling programme” for their optional subjects.
  • A “Question & Answer” session to clear up any queries, concerns students have.
  • Students will be given their textbooks for their core subjects on Friday or Monday.

From Mon Aug 31st students will follow their timetable.