Home School & Community Liaison (HSCL)

The HSCL Coordinator works with teachers, parents, community members, local businesses, voluntary and state organisations to improve the attendance, participation and retention of students. She is a direct line of communication between the home and the school. Her objective is to support parents to ensure that the student participates fully in all areas of school life; social, sporting, cultural and academic. An effective home, school, community partnership will ensure that the child reaches his/her full potential.

The following are some of the services and events offered to parents and the community, that is organised by the HSCL ;

  • A suite of free evening classes that have included; flower arranging, cookery classes, art and craft classes, mindfulness classes, beautician workshops.
  • Day and evening presentations by outside professionals have been provided on these relevant topics; Strengthening the resilience of children, Improving family communication, Internet safety, Drug and alcohol awareness, Living with Epilepsy, Managing Diabetics, Asthma in the teenage years, Preventing youth involvement in crime ,the work of the juvenile liaison officer.
  • An adult Book Club supported by Urlingford Library.
  • A series of Mindfulness workshops for our local Active Retirement Group.
  • The school Choir and Traditional Band visits to our local Nursing Homes.
  • Transition Years Spring Beauty Service to the residents of our Nursing Homes.

The following are some of our services that are provided to Parents by HSCL;

  • Workshops on Financial preparation for the costs of Third level education by MABS.
  • A tour of Limerick University Campus with a presentation on student supports by the Equality Access Office.
  • CAO, HEAR, SUSI, DARE Information Coffee morning for parents.
  • Cookery competition on the theme of nutritional meals on a budget, adjudicated by local restaurant proprietor.
  • A spiritual event; Celebrating Happy Memories, held at Christmas, to acknowledge and support those in our community who have experienced bereavement.
  • Grandparent Event, Grandparents and the active retirement group, speak to the social history classes on their own childhood experiences.
  • Coffee mornings for Junior cycle parents.
  • English classes are provided for our non-national parents.
  • Home visits.
  • Supports provided by the Educational Welfare Officer.
  • Monitoring of students’ attendance.

The following are services that are provided to students by a partnership of Parents and HSCL;

  • Our Community Career Directory, where parents give presentations on their own career area, with the aim of supporting future subject and course choices by the senior students.
  • Meditation workshops provided by qualified parents to Third year classes.
  • Exam excellence workshops are provided by past students, who excelled in state exams, to senior students to support study and exam preparation.
  • Kildalton Agricultural College and Waterford Institute in Technology present Talks on the importance of Education in the Agricultural Business and career sector.
  • Workshops on managing a weekly budget while in Third level by MABS.
  • A booklet prepared by parents with detailed guidelines on successfully supporting student study.

The following are activities organised for the students and parents in our Feeder National schools by HSCL;

  • Knitting classes to foster social engagement, fine hand eye coordination and the development of craft.
  • An Irish Club for sixth class students.
  • Fun Taster Spanish and French classes to prepare for the post primary curriculum.
  • The time table for 5th and 6th class visitation on Open Day.
  • Halloween Art Competition.

The following are special incentives and supports devised and implemented by the HSCL to support student attendance;

  • The In to Be Out Passport which rewards students who have full attendance by the provision of a termly trip.
  • A Student attendance Committee that designs a suite of incentives to promote attendance across the student body.
  • The full attendance, student designed half zip, that can be worn on Fridays.
  • Monthly raffle for all JC classes who have all green entries on vsware.[full attendance]
  • Termly Attendance Certificates.