Martin Gleeson
Angela Conroy
Deputy Principal

Principal’s Welcome

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to Coláiste Mhuire, Johnstown which is situated in a rural North Kilkenny setting and offers a school of choice for students from a catchment area which includes Kilkenny, Tipperary and Laois.

Coláiste Mhuire has a high level of achievement at all levels of education. We are a community of 630 students with a near equal mix of boys and girls, offering education through mutual respect in a wide range of subjects, facilities and activities.

Our mission is to provide the highest educational standards and facilities which will enable our students to reach their full potential and prepare them to participate fully as good citizens in society.

We are very proud of our high academic record and all our past pupils’ achievements and accomplishments. Our 2022 Leaving Certificate results were of a very high standard, and I wish all our past pupils the very best in the next step of their journey. I would also like to extend my thanks to our teaching staff for nurturing the students during their time in Coláiste Mhuire and to parents for your continued commitment.

In Coláiste Mhuire we believe in providing a balanced education. We strive for high results and have high expectations of our students, but we also value the benefits of being involved in sport and extracurricular activities.

All students receive an equal share of resources and a commitment to individual excellence, ensuring a concentration on strengths rather than an emphasis on difficulties. Students are given the necessary opportunities and are encouraged to study for their examinations, which are required for entry into all Third Level Colleges and Institutes of Education. Some students whose aptitudes may be of a more practical nature and who may, by choice, wish to follow a specialised course of training are equally important, as are the pupils who experience learning difficulties and therefore require special help.

Coláiste Mhuire is a school with excellent support structures in place, which lead to each student being able to grow and develop in a happy and relaxed atmosphere. We have a strict code of conduct which allows teachers and students to develop relationships of trust and respect in a learning and caring environment and we use restorative approaches as part of a planned response to relationship and/or discipline difficulties.

It is my hope that as you browse through our website, you will discover a vibrant school community, characterised by an atmosphere of warmth and vitality where our pupils are active, secure and most importantly happy during their time in Coláiste Mhuire.

Martin Gleeson