Senior Prefect System

A senior prefect system is now in place in Coláiste Mhuire, whereby some students act as mentors to first years and fulfil other duties in the school. Those chosen have demonstrated their leadership within the student body and have the qualities deemed necessary to undertake a leadership role within the school. Prefects carry out the following:

● Act as role models for younger students
● Represent the student body
● Represent the school externally
● Assist in the maintenance of discipline within the school
● Support and help staff
● Carry out other important functions in the school when requested.

Resource and Learning Support Classes

We recognise that all students learn at a different pace, and gaps in learning can occur. Coláiste Mhuire offers resource and learning support classes for students who may need extra help. Learning support and resource classes focus on developing key skills in all curriculum subjects. Supports for mainstream students with Learning Difficulties/Special Educational Needs include but are not limited to:

● One-to-one teaching
● Small group resource
● Assistive technology (where applicable)
● SNA support (where applicable)

We recognise that some students may have particular needs or disabilities and we take specific action to support and encourage these students within a caring environment. Students are regularly monitored and the school uses every resource available in support of the students. The school also has a dedicated Autism Spectrum Disorder Unit which is currently being replaced by a state of the art facility and is due to open in the next school year.

Anti – Bullying

We believe that each student has the right to an education free from fear and intimidation. We want Coláiste Mhuire to be bully-free where all students feel safe and happy. In a proactive approach to address the issue of bullying and to educate and empower our students, the school has put in place a structure of communication involving management, year heads, class teachers and the school’s guidance counsellors. The effect of this is that there is a wide network of responsible adults available to talk to a student who is being bullied or who knows of a student being bullied. Our Anti-Bullying Policy is available on

Homework Club

Homework Club was established to give help and support to students with their homework and give them a quiet space where they can engage with and complete their work. A qualified project worker and SNA work with the students giving them help where required. Students can attend Homework Club Monday to Thursday for 90 minutes after school.

Book Rental Scheme

We have in place a book rental scheme for which there is an annual fee. The scheme reduces considerably the cost to parents of providing textbooks. Details of the scheme will be available before the school year commences. We use an online system through VSware to facilitate payments.

Evening Study

Evening study is available to all students and takes place after school in a supervised environment allowing them to complete assignments, research projects and homework.

Reports and Parent Teacher Meetings

Reports on each student’s progress are available online. This includes monthly and term reports and are available on our school’s portal system VSware. Parents are supplied with their own unique password and can be kept up to date with their child’s results timetable and attendance. Formal meetings for parents of students in each year group are held annually. Parents are encouraged to come to these meetings as they allow us to build up the strong links between home and school which are of benefit to the students.

Vsware Text System

Coláiste Mhuire offers a text service to parents to notify them of student absences, keep them informed of all school activity and alert them to event changes. This may include reminders for parent-teacher meetings, sporting activities, school emergencies, general notices and unplanned closures


Each student is provided with a locker and student journal.

Promoting Positive Behaviour

Our school community promotes an atmosphere of respect, courtesy and positive behaviour. Promoting positive behaviour fulfills the values of our Mission Statement and encourages our students to live out the values of this community. The Code of Behaviour is an essential means of promoting self-respect, respect for others and respect for the environment.
Our Code of Behaviour is available on

Transition from Primary to Secondary School

Our First Years are assisted in making this transition successfully through the following:

● Opportunity for parents to meet with the school management team as part of the enrolment process
● First Year Induction Programme
● Summer camp
● Buddy system
● Mentoring Programme for First Years


At the heart of our school is our canteen which is open for breakfast club, morning break and again at lunch time. Students can select from a large menu of healthy hot and cold meals including soup, roll, sandwiches, toasted sandwiches, paninis, salads, baps, pasta etc. Parents can open an account with the canteen management and can receive a full break down of items purchased. Students with special dietary requirement are also catered for.
Having our canteen means that we are self-sufficient and students do not have to leave the school premises.

Monitoring Progress

We aim to foster the academic ability of each student to the full extent of their potential. Through our assessment procedures we encourage each student to reach that potential. Teachers regularly monitor the progress of students. At whole-school level, we have procedures in place for identifying students in need of support or encouragement at an early stage.

Pastoral Care Structure

In keeping with our Mission Statement of a school community with the values of a caring society we are particularly proud of our Pastoral Care Structure. Each student is part of a class group which has an individual Class Tutor and a designated Year Head. This pastoral team focuses on the welfare and academic progress of each student. This structure is further enhanced by the work of our Guidance Counsellor and Pastoral Care team. We also have a Home School Community Liaison officer who provides constant assistance and support to students and parents.