Whole-School Evaluation Report 2018

Our Whole-School Evaluation carried out by inspectors from the Department of Education and Skills in May 2018 was extremely positive and complimentary of the high standards of teaching and learning in Coláiste Mhuire. The key points from the report are as follows:

  • The quality of support and care provided to students is very high and the commitment of all involved is very strong.
  • A very positive learning atmosphere prevailed in lessons and interactions were warm and respectful.
  • The quality of leadership for learning and teaching is very good.
  • Students demonstrated interest in their learning, and they worked in a purposeful and productive manner.
  • Students willingness to ask questions, risk incorrect responses and offer an opinion is testament to the high level of trust that teachers have fostered.
  • Subject department planning is well embedded as a feature of school culture.
  • A broad and holistic curriculum is provided to nurture the talents of all students and a wide range of subjects is offered to the students within these well- organised programmes.
  • Coláiste Mhuire has a whole school awareness and understanding of the Junior cycle framework.
  • Staff members provide a comprehensive programme of co-curricular and extra- curricular activities.
  • Teachers are eagerly engaging in several teaching and learning initiatives.
  • The school runs a very effective transfer programme for its incoming first years.
  • Strong links exist with feeder primary schools and are invaluable to the transition and induction of students.
  • Provision for students educational and vocational needs is very strong.
  • Whole school support for students with special educational needs is very good.
  • Very effective coordination of SEN is well supported by the core planning team.
  • Effective systems are in place for students with SEN and individual support plans are developed.
  • Students that were met during the evaluation were proud of their school, confident, articulate young people and their critical thinking skills were highly developed.
  • School self-evaluation is very well understood and is being very effectively used to guide school improvement planning.
  • In light of the organised and systematic approach to planning and the commitment evident in the work of senior management and staff, the school has a very good capacity to manage and promote school improvement in the coming years.
  • A broad curriculum with a wide range of curricular programmes is offered, including TY, LCA, and LCVP programmes in senior cycle. All of these programmes are well organised and are designed to offer meaningful choices for students.
  • The Board of Management is very effective and supportive of senior management and is actively engaged in its management role. It is very well informed in school life, Departmental initiatives and curricular change.

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